Kodak Analyst

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Kodak Analyst

Years: approx. 1971-1982

Lens: Kodak f1.9 / 13 - 28mm

Manual focus

Frame rates: Timelapse, 1.25 fps to 1 frame per hour (longer intervals could be archived by using an optional external timer)

4 x AA batteries (or by converter from 117V, 60Hz power outlet)

No sound

Weight: approx. 800g

Original prices:

  • 1974 (USA): 245US$

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay USA:
    • US $22,00 (+ US $9,50 shipping) in 02/2008

Kodak Analyst super 8 timelapse camera

An ad for this cameras - published in the "Science"-magazine on 4 October 1974


Special surveillance camera made for security applications.
Large red bulb on front.
Kodak sold a special B&W "MFX" film for this camera - a thin Estar base allowed 100 feet to be loaded into a standard Super 8 cartridge.

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