Hama Cinepress S 8

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Hama Cinepress S 8

Tape-splicer, suited for Super8/Single8 (sound-striped and unstriped material)

Article number: 00003781

EAN-Code: 4007249037817

Price as new (proposed by Hama in Germany for 2005): 34,99 EUR



There are several versions of this splicer that only differ in their colours: While the actual version is completely black, older versions will be totaly grey or will have a black body and a grey top.


by Jörg Polzfuß[edit]

Even though this is a very basic splicer and you do need some practice (approx. 10 splices), it's a very efficient and easy-to-use device. Unfortunately you'll have to examine all splices closely since every slight error in the handling will result in tapes that don't fit tightly to the film.

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