Goko Telecine Player TC 20

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Goko Telecine Player TC 20

Year: ??

Suited for Super8/Single8

Screen size: none - instead you can connect a video- or photo-camera

Frame rates: 18 + 24 fps (can be adjusted by +- 2 fps) + the film can be advanced manually

Sound: Magnetic, mono, playback only

Max. reel-capacity: 240m

Lamp: 6 volt 10 watt

Dimensions: approx. 274 mm x 202 mm x 180 mm

Weight: approx. 7.5kg

Made in Japan

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • Offered for a fixed price of EUR 499,00 (+ EUR 10,00 shipping) in 02/2008, but wasn't sold
    • EUR 100,99 (+ EUR 5,90 shipping) in 03/2011
    • EUR 125,00 (+ EUR 5,99 shipping) in 12/2018
  • eBay Canada:
    • US $430,00 (+ ?? shipping) in 03/2008

GOKO TC-20 ManualCover.JPG


This devices uses a 24 faceted glas-prism instead of a shutter. This "NF"-technology allowed a flicker-free transfer to video without changing the film's original speed.

"Blaupunkt" distributed this device in Germany hence some of these devices also feature a "Blaupunkt"-label. (The device on eBay Canada in 03/2008 did have a "Hope"-logo instead of the "Blaupunkt"-logo. Hence it looks like "Hope" was (one of) the Canadian distributor(s).)


eBay auctions[edit]