Eumig Mark S 810 Projector

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Eumig Mark S 810 High Quality Sound Projector

A super8 sound projector.

Lens: Vario Eupronet 1,3/15-30 mm. May also be equipped with some other Eupronet zoom lens.

Halogen lamp 12 V/100 W type EFP

Sound: mono ( record&playback ), fade in / fade out, sound-on-sound, mixing from external source
( microphone 0,3-150 mV, 22 kΩ; line in 50 mV - 3 V, 1 MΩ )

Amplifier 15W, option for external amplifier ( line out 0,5-1,5 V, 50 kΩ )

Internal loudspeaker

Option for external loudspeaker ( 4 - 8 Ω, 10W )

Auto threading

Forward/backward projection

Speeds: 18 fps and 24 fps

Reel capacity: 180m/600ft

Weight appx. ???

Accessories: Universal reel; microphone; 6 m reel of magnetic striped film; film head trimmer/clipper.

Optional accessories: Eumig Serie 600 Daylight Viewer; Eumig LS-800 loudspeaker; Universal re-recording lead ( a cord + four adapters ).


Simply, one of the best they ever made. Unfortunately, all Eumigs are now suffering badly with speed control.