Elmo ST 600 Projector

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Elmo ST 600 Projector

Power Source Single phase AC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200W
Projection Speed 24 fps & 18 fps (Selector switch)
Motor DC Magnet Motor
Film Super 8/Single 8: Sound Film and Silent Film
Film Loading Automatic
Reverse Projection Possible
Reel Capacity 180 m (600 feet)
Manual unloading Possible
Projection Lamp 12V-100W Halogen lamp with cold mirror (Code EFP)
Projection Lens F1.3,f 15—25mm zoom lens
Sound System Elmo sound system ... Two sound tracks capable of recording & playback with magnetic stripes and of optical playback (Model M-O)
Two-Track Recording Magnetic recording on both Tracks 1 and 2
Two-Track Playback Both tracks can be played back simultaneously or independently. Tracks can be mixed.
Automatic Recording (Limiter system) Possible through use of MIC jack
Spot Recording Possible using the Record Control button
Amplifier IC = 2 pcs, Transistor = 2pcs, Diode = 8 pcs
Amplifier Protective Circuit Built in
Output Max. 6W (8 Ohms)
Input jacks MIC (Microphone) (Input impedance 500 Ohms — 10 K Ohms)
AUX. IN (Auxiliary) (Input impedance 10 K Ohms)
Output Jacks EXT. SP (Extension Speaker) (Impedance: 8 Ohms)
MONI (Monitor) (Earphone impedance 16 Ohms)
AUX. OUT (Auxiliary output) (Connected to MONI jack)
Recording/Playback Head Special alloy magnetic head (Alternating bias system)
Erasing Head Ferrite Magnetic Head (Alternating erase system)
Photoelectric Element Solar Battery (Model M-O)
Exciter Lamp 4V-0.75A Direct-current lighting (Model M-O)
Speaker Built-in 5” (12.5 cm) dynamic speaker
Microphone Dynamic type (Impedance : 500 Ohms)
Level Meter Built-in
Recording Indicator Lamp Light-Emitting-Diode
Auto reel 180 m (600 feet)
Power cord
Microphone set
Dust cover
Aperture cleaning brushes


Manual can be downloaded here


Please keep in mind that there are several versions of this projector - e.g. only the "MO"-versions can playback optical soundtracks, too.


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