Elmo HiVision SC-30 Projector

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Elmo HiVision SC-30

Super 8 sound projector

Lens: Elmo Zoom Lens F1.1 f=12.5-25 mm

Power source: AC single phase 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 220 W

Built-in screen: 220 x 156 mm (8.7 x 6.1 in) - Diagonal line: 270 mm (10.6 in)

Projection speed: 18 & 24 fps

Motor: Frequency generator servo DC magnet motor

Film: Super 8/Single 8 sound & silent films

Film loading: fully automatic

Reverse projection: possible

Repeat projection: possible (intermittent repeat projection is also possible with optional programmer PM-801

Automatic stop: possible

High speed film rewinding

Film counter: built-in easy-to-read digital counter (one digit per 18 frames)

Reel capacity: 180 m (600 ft)

Projection lamp: EFR 15 V - 150 W halogen lamp with cold mirror

Sound system:

  • Model M: magnetic playback & recording
  • Model M-O: magnetic/optical playback & magnetic recording

Dual track recording: magnetic recording possible on both tracks

Dual track playback: track 1 & 2 can be played back simultaneously or independently

Balance control: possible

Automatic recording: possible through use of MIC & AUX-IN jack

Recording level indicator: LED lighting system

Double recording: possible

Sound-on-sound recording: possible

Spot recording: possible

Amplifier: 4 IC's, 3 transistors, 5 diodes & 5 LED's


  • Music power output.............10 W (4 ohm)
  • Continuous power output........ 6 W (4 ohm)

Input terminals:

  • Microphone...........400 ohm - 10 kohm input impedance
  • Auxiliary............ 50 kohm input impedance

Output terminals:

  • Extension speaker....4 - 8 ohm speaker impedance
  • Monitor/Auxiliary....8 - 16 ohm earphone impedance
  • Recording monitor....8 - 16 ohm impedance

Recording/playback head: special alloy magnetic head (Alternating magnetic head)

Erasing head: Ferrite magnetic head (Alternating erase head)

Photo electric element: solar battery

Exciter lamp: 4 V - 0.75 A Direct current lighting

Speaker: built-in 12.5 cm (5 in) dynamic speaker

Microphone: dynamic type (400 ohm impedance) incorporated in the remote controller

Public address: possible

Dimensions: 467 x 311 x 307 mm (18.4 x 12.2 x 12.1 in)

Weight: 15 kgs. (33 lbs.)



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