Elmo 1012 S-XL

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Elmo 1012 S-XL

Year: 1978-81

Weight: 1800 g

Lens: Elmo zoom 1,2 / 7,5 - 75 mm

Macro focusing

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom with 2 Speeds

Frame rates: 18, 24 + single frame

Shutter degree: 220

Manual / Auto Exposure

Backlight Control

+/- correction for auto


Remote control socket

Auto / Manual Recording Level Control

6 X 1,5V batteries

Made in Japan

Original price in England (in the year of introduction): £532

Accepts the 60 meter cassette or SUPERMAG 400 (400ft) magazine.

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 21,51 (+ EUR 4,90 shipping) in 02/2007



  1. According to test and info in the instruction manual it can only meter 40 and 160 ASA in artificial light with the corresponding 25 and 100 ASA in daylight.
  2. The original, unmodified camera can not run the Ektachrome 64T automatically. Modification see: http://film.project-consultant.net/
  3. According to http://www.filmshooting.com chatter, used for Super 8 printing in a frame by frame telecine film chain, instead of a camcorder.
  4. Manually meters by controlling iris motor (see below.) Can lock exposure at desired setting
  5. This camera, and the 612 SXL, have a mechanically controlled manual exposure facility. This means the exposure meter does not need to be in working order if manual override is desired. The aperture is visible in the viewfinder window and is set by a small wheel on left side of camera. It can even be set if there are no batteries in the camera.
  6. When wheel is clicked at 12 o'clock position, auto exposure is selected. When in auto, any aperture setting can be temporarily fixed by pressing in the EE button located next to the wheel. Exposure is fixed only so long as button is depressed-- it can be taped down for continuous setting.
  7. With manual exposure feature, any film speed can be used. Auto exposure can provide a base setting for reference using the cartridge's top speed-notch as a guide. Then specific f/stop can be easily selected, by turning wheel upwards or downwards 1/3 to 2/3 stop from the base reading. The only thing necessary to know is what speed-notch the camera is reading with the specific cartridge in use-- it will be either ASA 40 or 160.


  1. by "": Very good lowlight camera with a crisp lens!

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