Eclair NPR

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Eclair NPR

Camera takes 16mm-film on 30, 60 and 120m daylight-reels

Year: ??

Length: 14" less lens (21.5" w/ typical zoom lens)

Height: 13.5" (from lowest point on motor to handle)

Weight: 20.5 lbs (w/ zoom lens & film)

Shutter: 180 degrees fixed or adjustable 5 to 180 degrees in 5 degree increments

Exposure Time: 1/48th of a second at 24fps (180 degree shutter)

Filming Speeds: 4fps - 48fps max. (depending on motor used)

Battery Voltage Requirements: 10.8 - 13.5v DC (12 v DC nominal)

Current Requirements: 2 amps @ 25 degrees C

Lens Mount: two-position turret with one Camerette CA-1 lens mount and one standard C-mount

Flange Focal Distance: CA-1 mount = 1.8897"; C mount = .690"

Typical Noise Level: 29.5 dbs at 36"




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