Chinon Sound SS-1200 Stereo Projector

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Chinon Sound SS-1200 Stereo Projector

  • suited for Super 8 and Single 8
  • Records and plays back both magnetic soundtracks (mono, duo and stereo)
  • Zoom Lens 1,3/15-30mm
  • Reel capacity up to 360m
  • Autoload
  • Additional loop-former
  • Transportation method: two-hand gripper
  • electronic speed-regulated DC-motor (independent of the electricity network's AC-frequencey)
  • Projection speed infinitely variable between 16 and 26 fps
  • Halogenlamp with 15V/150W
  • Lamp keeps glowing during projection stops
  • Lamp has got an "Economise"-Setting
  • Central knob for all film-transportation-related functions
  • adjusting knobs for focus and frame
  • knurl for adjusting the height
  • several plugs for in- and output (s. image)
  • the internal speaker gets turned off automatically when connecting external ones
  • small integrated monitor (for telecine or editing)
  • Auto Protection System

Sold on eBay for 255 EUR (+ 15 EUR shipping) in 10/2005

ChinonSoundSS1200StereoProjector 1.JPG ChinonSoundSS1200StereoProjector 2.JPG


Also sold as REVUE Lux sound 80 STEREO.



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