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Here are some ideas for useful FAQ areas - based on suggestions collected by CCortez in the forums.

  • Introduction to the 8mm formats [General]
  • Film [Film]
  • Cameras [Cameras]
  • Projectors [Projectors]
  • Editing [Editing]
  • Widescreen and Anamorphic Format [Widescreen]
  • Sound [Sound]
  • Transfer to Video or Digital [Transfer]
  • Literature [Literature]
  • Lighting [Lighting]
  • Links [Links]
  • Photography Basics (exposure, shutter speed, etc.) [Photography]
  • Accessories (video tap, matte boxes, SuperMag) [Accessories]
  • Where to Find Equipment [Shopping]
  • Processing (Where, what, contact info, hand processing) [Processing]
  • Animation [Animation]
  • Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Repair, and DIY [Repair]