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"Max8" is Pro8mm's name for a minor modification applied to Super8-cameras: Space that was reserved for the soundtrack is now used for a wider image (1.58:1 instead of the classic 1.33:1). Nevertheless the image still has to masked on the top/bottom for a 16:9-video-transfer (1.78:1).
Pro8mm is offering some remanufactured cameras as "Max8" and a conversion to "Max8" for several camera types (at least the Beaulieu 4008-series).
Pro8mm isn't the only one (or the first one) to apply the idea of the Super16-format to Super8-film as there's also a widening up to 1.66:1 called "SuperDuper8" or "Super-Duper 8" (Sources: [1], [2] and [3]). Nevertheless Pro8mm is the only professional provider for such a conversion (at least at the moment = March 2008) - except for Ruedi Muster (Switzerland), who is doing such a modification on Bolex-DS8-cameras under the name "Super 8B". As the Pro8mm-version is more common, it made more sense to use Pro8mm's term.

  • February 2012: Mike (from Luxemburg - known site: had announced remanufactured cameras with new designed electronics and widened filmgate under his name Super8MAX (Sources: [4]). He will offer different models on a professional base.

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