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Some of the "Mirage"-cameras have been found as "IFBA Mirage"-ones on eBay. It's unclear whether "IFBA" was a reseller or the producer of those cameras. There's even a slight chance that IFBA hasn't got anything to do with the company "Mirage" - except for naming their models like that company by mistake.

At the moment it looks like "IFBA" has been a French chain of photo-/audio-shops selling cameras under their own name. Some of the "IFBA"-photo-cameras have been produced by Rollei, while the majority has been produced by Cosina. (source) Hence there's a high chance that the "IFBA"-Super8-cameras have been produced by Cosina, too. Some cameras are produced by Chinon.

In any case: You'll find the "IFBA Mirage" cameras here: "Mirage"

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