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This category has been introduced to group all cameras that use the Flight Pak Film Cartridges created by Estes Industries.

The only difference between "Super8" and "Flight Pak" is the cartridge used in the cameras: The Flight Pak Film Cartridge is much smaller, looks more like a Single8-cartridge and contains only 10ft or 10.5ft of film that has to have a speed in the range of 125 to 160 ASA. Hence you won't find any "Flight Pak"-projectors/viewers/... here, but under "Super8".

The January/February 1972 issue of the magazine "Model Rocketry" (Boston, MA, USA) contains an article about filling film from a Super8-cartridge into the Flight Pak Film Cartridge. According to this article the price for a Flight Pak Film Cartridge with colour-reversal film was 6.75 US$ (including processing) when ordered from Estes Industries.

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