Canon 512 XL Autozoom Electronic

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Canon 512 XL Autozoom Electronic

Year: 1974-1977

Weight: 1350 g

Lens: Canon zoom 1,2 / 9,5 - 47,5 mm

Macro focusing

Split Image Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 9, 18, 36 + single frame

Shutter degree: 220

Manual / Auto Exposure

ISO setting by film cartridge: Tungsten type film: ISO 25, 40, 64, 100, 160 and 250, Daylight type film: ISO 16, 25, 40, 64, 100 and 160


No sound

4 X 1,5V batteries

Made in Japan

Original price in England (in the year of introduction): £185





Canon 512XL Autozoom Electronic is really nice camera. Its pretty big and little heavy for a super 8 camera. But the results are amazing! Viewfinder is Extremely sharp, bright, and big. The fixing the focus is quite confusing to some of super 8 filmmakers. The viewfinder looks blurry often but you have to look at the split screen on the center of the viewfinder. If you are filming under Existing Light or you are shooting a close up. If you turned to Macro feature, the viewfinder is crisp and clear. But not the split screen is not in perfect focus, You can focus the camera up to 5 centimeters! Which its really close to the lens. The Camera runs very quiet, perfect for making sound movies with recorders! This camera does have remote plug slot, You can buy Canon RS-60E3 digital remote for time lapse. It does work! You could make movies under candles, moonlight, or tiny LED lamps unless you are using VISION3 500T for those conditions. Sometimes you can use VISION3 200T, Tri-X, or Ektachrome 100D too. This camera is one of my favorite super 8 cameras. This camera is perfect for any conditions! I would recommend this, if you were looking for making shorts or movies under Dim conditions with a help of Canon's FAST f/1.2 LENS.

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