Canon 310 XL-S AF

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Canon 310 XL-S AF

Year: 1983-1983

Weight: 820 g

Lens: Canon zoom 1,0 / 8,5 - 25,5 mm

Auto Focusing

Auto / Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18

Shutter degree: 217

Auto Exposure

Auto Recording Level Control

4 X AA batteries

Made in Japan

The camera in Canon's virtual museum

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 3,00 ( + EUR 4,00 shipping) in 04/2006
    • EUR 6,05 ( + EUR 3,90 shipping) in 04/2013

Manuals (French)


"Sound"-version of the Canon 310 XL AF


This is a very nice "run-and-gun" camera. While you have to rely on the auto-focus, it is responsive and works within 2-3 seconds to refocus. It's a very portable camera with good form factor to easily fit into a small bag. Like all Canons it has a bright viewfinder. While the lens itself is not very sharp, your results will look OK with a good quality HD transfer. Being able to film at f1.0 to me is a little overkill, there are plenty of cameras with much better lenses like the Elmo 612S-XL and Bauer S 709 XL that do well enough opening up to f1.2.

All-in-all a very cool camera to have for collection purposes, the last film camera that Canon ever made and totally unique in design compared to the other canon cameras. It's fun to admire but not worth buying for more than $40.

eBay Auctions[edit]