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Canon 250 Zoom

Year: 1969-1971

Weight: 520 g

Lens: Canon Zoom Lens C-8 1,8 / 10,8 - 27 mm

Aerial Focusing

Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18

Auto Exposure (Not TTL). Includes an EE compensation adapter for over exposure and against light
(backlight) framing, by blocking most of the light from reaching the sensor.

Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge:
Tungsten type film: ISO 25, 40, 64, 100 and 160
Daylight type film: ISO 16, 25, 40, 64 and 100

Cable release socket

No sound

3 X 1,5V batteries + 1,3 V for light meter (? s. comments)

Dimensions (W x H x D): 48 x 160 x 168 mm

Made in Japan

Recently paid in eBay net auction: $31 eBay 8/1999
More Recently paid in a North London Car Boot Sale AKA Flea Market: £3.00 4/2006

Canon Zoom 250 Super 8.jpg

Canon Zoom 250 Super 8 a.thumb.jpg Canon Zoom 250 Super 8 b.thumb.jpg Canon Zoom 250 Super 8 c.thumb.jpg

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Canon's museum says: Batteries: "Two 1.3 V M20 (No.625) mercury cells (Contained in the grip)"

One battery is better than two

The camera pictured above works with both two 1.5v batteries and just one 1.5v alkalines.
Initial observations conclude that just one 1.5v button battery is enough to get a stopped down reading in daylight ,
by just looking at the over-under indicator needle in the finder with a K40 cartridge in the camera
With a Vision 200T cartridge, the needle indicates ok bright indoors with one battery
Two batteries (1.5v X2) indicate indoor filming ok with K40. and stopped down all the way indoors with 200T. Could use a manual or more time testing...

Entry in Canon's museum

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