Bell and Howell MS 45

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Bell and Howell MS 45

Year: 1980

Lens: 1,2 / 8,5 - 34 mm

Auto / Manual Zoom

Aerial Focusing (optional: auto focus)

Macro focusing

Auto Exposure (optional: manual exposure)

Frame rates: 18 (some optional control panels allow single frame + 9/18/24 fps + "slow motion")

Shutter degree: 225

Auto Recording Level Control

Suggested retail prices:

  • USA, December 1980:
    • Camera: US$429.95
    • AF1-module: US$185.95
    • CM2-module: US$89.95
    • CM4-module: US$129.95

Price(s) on eBay:

  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 77,52 (+ EUR 5,00 shipping) in 03/2006 (camera with auto-focus-module and "best" control-panel)



The MS30's bigger brother.

This is a modular camera. You can't replace the lens, but you can change the control-panels and add an auto-focus-module. Known optional parts:

  • AF1-module: adds auto-focusing
  • CM2-module: control panel for slow-motion, picture/sound fades, manual controls
  • CM4-module: as CM2, but with an intervalometer, a PC contact and effects like lap dissolves

You can find a test of this camera (and some ads) in the magazine "Super8Filmaker" (in Volume Eight Number Eight from Dec 1980). You can also find this issue online.


Quiet camera. Light. Easy to handhold. Not a sharp lens but good in low light. Built in dial for + or - 1 stop exposure correction. Minus that dial 2/3 of a stop and you can run 64T through it automatically. Rich, deep, contrasty colors, but soft as if shot with a diffusing filter. Made in Japan by Osawa/Mamiya for Bell & Howell. One of the last Super 8 cameras ever made. --Geoval 10:35, 29 May 2009 (PDT)

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