Bell and Howell 200 EE

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Bell and Howell 200 EE (EE = Electric Eye)

Suited for 16mm dual perf film in Kodak/B&H-50'- magazines (approx. 80 seconds at 24fps).

Year: 1950's

Lens: The 200 series had three variations of lenses and mounts: (1) a C-mount lens, typically 25mm, (2) a special bayonet mount lens (20 mm) with f/stop lever aligned to typical exposure settings, and (3) 3 lens turret.

Manual Focus

Manual Exposure (Non-TTL) The model 200EE provided a meter, probably with a needle-matching facility that was common on exposure meters of the era.

Frame rates: 8-48 fps

Spring wound, runs about 20 seconds per wind.

No sound

Prices on eBay:

  • Model 200 eBay USA:
    • $25 7/2007
  • 200EE eBay Germany:
    • EUR 62,00 (+ EUR 9,00 shipping) in 03/2007



audadvnc: This is a sturdy, compact camera that was probably too expensive for the home movie public of the 40's and 50's. It used the Kodak 16mm 50' cartridge that saw service in the GSAP (Gun Sighting and Positioning) camera for the US Army Air Force in WWII; the cartridges were plentiful for years and are still available from Java Photo in Atlanta. The film advance mechanism is contained in the cartridge, only the pulldown claw and takeup spool drive axle are in the camera. Cartridges sometimes have faulty film advance issues if they are misloaded or have sat too many years. But the 200/200EE is small and inexpensive, and can withstand physical abuse that would damage more refined cameras; they'd make good skateboard or helmet cams. Due to the design of the magazine, only dual perf film can be used.

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