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Agfa Family (C100)

  • Lens: Agfa Movaron f1,5 / 10 mm
  • Frame rates: 18 + single frame
  • Exposure: auto (not TTL)
  • Film EI setting: unknown
  • Shutter degree: 220
  • Viewfinder: non-reflex
  • Extras: special single frame mode marks film to make projector/viewer pause during playback
  • Batteries: 2 X 1,5V batteries + 1,3 V Mercury (PX625) for light meter
  • Year of Production: 1980-1983
  • Weight: 410g
  • Value: unknown

Made in Germany/Japan

Instruction manual online:



A package that includes camera and a viewer (a projector with a tv-like screen). Camera also takes "still pictures": when your press the single frame button, the film is marked so that the projector automatically stops for 3 seconds to show that still frame. There was an optional attachment for the projector/editor that allowed you to use instant film to make prints from single frames (I believe it used Kodak instant film which is no longer available).

Elmo released a similar system called "Album". Here's a link to the Elmo camera for that system. Since Agfa produced the viewers for Elmo, there's a high chance that both the "Family"- and the "Album"-systems are compatible.
If anyone can confirm this, please edit this entry!


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