Elmo Super 103 T

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Elmo 103 T Super

Year: 1970-76

Weight: 550 g

Lens: Elmo Vario 1,8 / 9,5 - 30 mm (filter thread: 37,5 mm)

Aerial Focusing

Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 18

Auto Exposure (Not TTL)

Backlight Control

No sound

2 X 1,5V batteries

Made in Japan

Original price in England (in the year of introduction): £70

Prices on eBay:

  • eBay USA:
    • US$76 in 07/1999
  • eBay Germany:
    • EUR 1,00 + (EUR 4,90 shipping) in 03/2007
    • EUR 9,38 + (EUR 5,90 shipping) in 04/2007 (camera with all parts of the super-imposer (incl. the slide-holder))



As Super 103 but with a superimpose device.

"Cable release"? You can attach an optional pistol grip to the camera. This grip has got its own trigger that attaches to a "remote release" in the camera's bottom. So far this pistol grip is the only known device that uses this release. You might modify one to use a mechanical remote release, but this camera definitely lacks the standard remote release connector of the "better" "Super"-series cameras (104, 106, 108, 110).


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