Canon1014XL-S: how to disassemble

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Of course, do not take apart your movie camera unless you are confident about your skills. You are responsible for your own results. Also, please help us improve these instructions by editing this page if you have corrections.

How to disassemble this movie camera[edit]

First off remove the batteries before doing anything. There are micro-controlled circuits in the camera, you don't want to cause a short circuit and burn something up. Also be very cautious of static electricity, ground yourself well before opening up the camera.

Your first task will be to find all the hidden screws. A dental pick set helps to remove all the plates and panels, proper tools will make the job easier and keeps from tearing things up any more than necessary.

Screws to remove in no particular order:

  1. Behind Canon Logo faceplate (above the lens, work the edge carefully as it is easy to break)
  2. Underneath front bottom rubber pieces
  3. Underneath rear bottom serial number plate
  4. Underneath zoom control plate
  5. Behind rubber cap that holds the screw for the shoulder strap (rear strap bar)

NOTE: On the 1014XL-S there is a buried "C" clamp (a very small "C" clamp underneath the switch cap for the fade in/fade out function. Pry the cap off the center push button with a dentists pick to expose the shaft with the "C" clamp attached underneath.

Do not pry on the cover very much if at all, once you've found all the screws it will come off with little effort.

If you get frustrated with one of the hidden covers, go take a stab at one of the others, or just plain take a break. Sometimes removing one of the easier covers will give some insight on how to tackle the harder ones. It may take several hours the first time around to find everything.

After you remove the cover note the fact that all of the panel mounted controls have some sort of plastic shaft that reaches into recesses of the controls on the circuit board. When its time to re-assemble, center all the control on the printed circuit board and then center the controls on the side plate and attempt to re-assemble.

DO NOT RE-INSTALL all of the screws until you've temporarily installed batteries and checked all the countrol functions. Also the view finder (open/close) control is a pain to get back the first time, it'll probably take a couple of trial runs to get everything lined up and working.

Instructions by JCook on the forum, transcribed with permission by ReedSturtevant October 6, 2006